La Revedere, Ambasada Suediei!

I am Pixie. Foto: Sveriges ambassad i Bukarest

I am Pixie, also known as the embassy dog at the Swedish embassy. For all you that are following our Facebook account, you know that I have been working at the embassy for almost 2 years, after I was found as an abandoned puppy in Corbeanca outside Bucharest. La Revedere, Ambasada Suediei! 1f436🐶

I am writing this post just to say good bye to the embassy and all all you that sent messages and likes on social media. I am leaving the embassy and will soon for the first time visit Sweden! Looks to be a lot of nice forests there – which I love – but I must say I am a little afraid of that cage that I will travel inside of in the airplane. La Revedere, Ambasada Suediei! 1f43e🐾

It has been a nice time at the embassy. The staff has been very kind, and some even brought dog treats! I have been trying all rugs of the embassy and most sofas, and I have also barked at some workers that came to do reparations. Unfortunately I didn’t manage to finish my report about the stray dogs, it’s very difficult for us to write on the computer with our paws, but the other colleagues promised that the embassy will continue to follow the situation of stray dogs in Romania, and to keep contact with Swedish and Romanian organisations that are working to improve the situation for abandoned dogs. La Revedere, Ambasada Suediei! 1f43e🐾

So this is it. Thank you for all attention. And please, if you consider to get a dog, adopt one of my abandoned brothers and sisters. There are lot of beautiful ones in Romania in need of love and care. Better than buying a breed, get a stray dog in need!

/Pixie La Revedere, Ambasada Suediei! 1f415🐕La Revedere, Ambasada Suediei! 1f43e🐾La Revedere, Ambasada Suediei! 1f43e🐾La Revedere, Ambasada Suediei! 1f43eLa Revedere, Ambasada Suediei! 40613475 1600920260012643 4831457592293195776 n🐾