Huge cocaine bust in Italy with support from Eurojust

Photos © Guardia di Finanza Genova

Thanks to Eurojust’s support in coordinating judicial cooperation among Colombia, the USA, France, Spain and Italy, 368 kg of pure cocaine were seized in the Port of Genova, and three men of Italian nationality were arrested. The drugs have a street value of EUR 100 million. In addition to the drugs, cash in excess of EUR 950 000 as well as three cars and a jammer to block transmission signals were seized.

The drugs were acquired in Colombia and transported and tracked during the journey by the Colombian authorities, the US Drug Enforcement Administration, the US Customs and Border Protection Authority, the French authorities, the Spanish authorities and the Italian Guardia di Finanza Genova and Direzione Anti-Mafia of Genova, with the constant support of Eurojust.

One of the three suspects has vertical links to the ‘Ndrangheta ‘Alvaro’ di Sinopoli.